Free Farmville Cash General Information

What is Farmville

Farmville is a farming social game developed by Zynga and it’s available on Facebook and as an app on the iPhone. The game allows members of Facebook to manage a virtual farm through plowing land, planting, growing and harvesting virtual crops, harvesting trees and bushes, as well as through raising livestock. Farmville is the most popular game on Facebook with over 24.6 million users running this app, which means that 10% of all Facebook users play Farmville. Farmville won an award at the Game Developers Conference for the "Best New Social/Online Game" in 2010.

How is Farmville Played?

This is a very fun game as well as a social game which makes Farmville a great game. The main way a player earns farm coins is through harvesting of crops or visiting their neighbors. The player does this through paying coins for plowing a unit of land and for planting crops, like tomatoes on it, finally harvesting them after a certain quantity of time has elapsed. The quantity of time it takes for a crop to mature, as well as how much money a crop yields when harvested, is dependent on the crop planted and is noted on its entry in the "market" dialog. They will wither, or they will be of no use when a crop-specific quantity of time has elapsed, the quantity of time being equal to 2.5 times the quantity of time taken to grow the crop (for example, crops which take eight hours to grow will wither after 2.5×8=20 hours. However, a player can use farm money to spend an "unwither" to rejuvenate the crops or can use a biplane with "instant grow" to cause crops to be immediately available for harvest. Although the biplane can be purchased with coins, this special feature is only available for farm cash. As a player levels up more, crops with a higher payoff and economy will become available. Users on Farmville can buy Farmville cash at 7-11, local liquor, or even online, but it could get pricey.

Who needs Free Farmville Cash?

If your one of the millions of people who enjoy playing Farmville as much as I do, then you are in for a real treat! Everyone could use some extra in-game cash, and all you need to do is fill out surveys about Farmville. An extra supply of Farmville money will help anyone’s farm greatly! With this extra Farmville cash you could rapidly increase the time it takes to grow crops and you could bring dead crops back to life causing you to have a very good looking farm and make other players jealous of your farm!

How to get free Farmville Cash

Luckily you can get free farmville cash by doing surveys in the Farmville Game itself. Most of these surveys are free and they can be very rewarding. There are alo some thrid party sites shich give out farmville cash for free in exchange for surveys or other things. You should make sure that you never give out your actual facebook email and password make sure you use a different password on these sites which give out free farmville cash just in case.

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